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Empire launches limited edition Alien:Covenant Virtual Reality issue

Bauer Media’s Empire is to publish a ground-breaking virtual reality issue to coincide with the launch of the eagerly anticipated Alien:Covenant film.

Lessons from the Digital Innovators' Summit 2017

The Digital Innovators’ Summit brings together key thinkers in digital publishing for a global view of market trends. Team PPA headed to Berlin for a sneak glimpse into the future. . .

Cosmopolitan partners with Dot Dot Dot for affordable housing scheme

Cosmopolitan has announced the launch of Home, Made in partnership with Dot Dot Dot, the property guardian social enterprise.


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"I have lost count of
the vital things the PPA
has done for the industry.
Being a member ensures
you a voice in the future
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Nicholas Coleridge CBE, Chairman, Condé Nast Britain

"In an increasingly
fragmented industry, the
PPA is the central place
where professional content
companies are united
under one roof ."

James Tye, CEO, Dennis Publishing

Welcome to the PPA

We Stand For Professional Publishers

The PPA has been synonymous with magazines for over 100 years but today our membership is made up of modern media businesses carving out a new future defined by trusted, quality content. Whether on the page, through a screen, or face-to-face, our members create professional, influential content that resonates with target audiences and drives real action. We're on a journey to a new age in publishing - join us.

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