DATE: September 25

TIME: 09:00 - 17:00

COST: £295.00 (+VAT) For IPN Members & £395 (+VAT) for PPA Members

VENUE: Moorgate, London



Flume is delighted to work with the PPA to host this Public Course which is available to all PPA and IPN members at a heavily discounted rate.

Selling is tougher than ever before. Decision-makers are difficult to reach, deals are taking longer to close, and customers are obsessed with price. The reason why? The way that buyers buy has changed. They are under huge pressure to deliver ROI, they have more choice and more of their colleagues are involved in the decision-making process. This makes buying risky and as a result traditional sales approaches are proving ineffective.

In this one-day version of Flume’s Industry Renowned Training Programme, we will share insights into the significant changes in the way clients buy, what top sales professionals are doing differently to win business, and help to create a process and approach for significantly growing sales within your business.

Course Content

How you measure up against today's top-performing sellers

  • Research on the significant changes in the way people buy
  • What clients need from salespeople in today's market
  • How you measure up against today's top performing sales people

Lead conversations your client will prioritise and act upon

  • Getting through the door of today's decision maker
  • Making every conversation worth paying for in itself
  • A powerful sales structure to convert bigger deals more quickly

Speed up client decisions

  • Understand the decision-making map
  • Creating proposals that help your client to sell-on internally
  • Closing the sale and speeding up decisions

Course Outcomes

Tangible results

  • More clients saying yes to your calls and meetings
  • Quicker client decision-making
  • Bigger deals closed more quickly

Templates and take-aways

  • Extensive workbook, reading list and follow-up exercises

  • Game-changing templates to enable action straight away

  • The five mistakes and five rules for winning sales

Follow-up actions

  • Personalised feedback of a newly created proposal

  • Management templates to make embedding the learning easy

  • 121 post-workshop coaching on how to embed the learning

Who Should Attend?


You know that selling is more difficult than it used to be and you want to understand why. You’re keen to learn new approaches and put them into action.
Book up now to change the way you sell forever. Become a sales winner.

Sales Managers / Directors

You recognise that traditional sales techniques have become less effective and you want to find an alternative. You want to improve your own knowledge as well as the performance of your salespeople.
Book up now to learn what today's most effective sales professionals are doing differently. Supercharge the performance of your team.

If you would like some more information please call: +44 (0) 7831 622 146 or email: info@flumetraining.com

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