Breakfast Briefing with Kreatio: Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Digital Publishers




DATE: February 22

TIME: 09:00 - 11:00

COST: Free




As media top lines and bottom lines continue to be under pressure, lead-gen offers a great revenue stream for publishers. Adding digital to traditional brick and mortar lead-gen workflows provides publishers with the ability to scale their lead-gen play, thereby reducing turnaround time and increasing bottom lines.

Please join Matt Smith, President Demand Generation at IDG, Tom Wright, Director of Content & Performance Marketing Services, Incisive Media and Krishna Kumar, CEO of Kreatio Software to learn about various strategies a digital publisher can employ to build a sustainable and growing revenue streams via Lead Gen. 
We will discuss:

  • How does a publisher gear up for digital led lead-gen business?
  • What is the typical lead-gen workflow?
  • What are the pitfalls a publisher should watch out for?
  • How to scale up the leadgen business?

About Kreatio

We help digital publishers engage better with their audiences and monetise their content, while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Kreatio offers a full portfolio of solutions for digital publishing. Our solutions along with our full service model ensures that all your IT worries are taken care of, while you focus on your business needs. 

Please join us for this informative talk.

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