DATE: December 1


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In the 21st century there is more content available than ever before. But in a world saturated with content, it has become increasingly challenging for publishers to maximise the value of their content and brand. The way consumers find and digest content has changed dramatically, but has the way you protect and monetise your content changed along with it?

Today B2B customers are looking for the simplest way to find actionable information that relates to their business. The estimated £3bn media monitoring industry is increasingly important, with firms now using machine learning to analyse and deliver insights from your content for their biggest global clients. But are these services taking away value from your content and brand?

At the other extreme, piracy of content continues to be a widespread problem in the ever expanding digital sphere, and discovering that your content has been pirated for profit by somebody else can be a harsh reality.

Are you fully aware of copyright threats and do you understand how to make money when others use your content online? Do you know how to protect your content to avoid your brand coming under threat?

Join James Bennett, Head of Rights and Licensing at CLA, at our breakfast briefing presentation and discover

  • How you can better protect your content in the digital marketplace
  • How  CLA facilitates compliant media monitoring services, monetising B2B use of your content
  • What copyright threats are putting your content at risk
  • What methods your peers are using to protect their content online 


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