Welcome to PPA 100+

November 21, 2013 marked a major milestone for the PPA as it was precisely 100 years to the day since the association first came into existence. We have grasped this year as an opportunity to celebrate not just the PPA but the wider, modern magazine publishing world that we proudly represent today. Join our centenary celebrations on this page and here's to the next 100 years!

Barry McIlheney

Kevin Hand
Chairman, PPA

Cover of the Century - The Winner!

In conjunction with the Great British Public, this year we embarked on a search for the Cover of the Century. This began early in the year with submissions from the UK’s largest publishers and ended on November 21, when we revealed which cover secured the most public votes. Click on the image to find out who won!


PPA100 - The Magazine of the Century

With the help and expertise of award-winning editor Gill Hudson, we have attempted to record our first century for posterity in the pages of a one-off souvenir magazine, PPA 100. Printed by Pensord on paper from UPM, a limited number of hard copies will be distributed throughout the industry. Read the digital edition, provided by YUDU, by clicking on the cover.

Thanks to our PPA100+ Platinum Sponsors