PPA Business Session: Getting the most from LinkedIn

By : PPA Communications

Business and data publishers gathered at the PPA headquarters on October 30 to hear a fascinating presentation on how to get the most out of social media network LinkedIn.

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Publishers heard a presentation from consultant Mark Williams who focused on how professionals could use LinkedIn in a personal capacity to win new business and sell products more effectively.

Self-styled as the social media platform for business professionals, LinkedIn has grown rapidly in recent years.

There are currently 185m users worldwide and 10m in the UK, with London the most active city ahead of San Francisco and New York.

Williams highlighted how LinkedIn could be used to build trust and credibility online and how that in turn could translate into the physical world.

“There’s an old saying that people will only do business if they know you, trust you and like you and  Linked In is exactly the same the process,” said Williams.

“The aim is to build trust and that’s vital as that relationship will inevitably go offline. In most cases you will be able to move towards meeting people in person and doing business with them.”  

Top tips also included a seven-step approach on how to use a LinkedIn profile to get referrals, widen your network and diversifying it to win more business.

Williams also talked on strategies to form successful groups on LinkedIn but warned publishers that running a successful group was a potential drain on resources.

“There’s no shortcut on this as it’s a lot of work running a group, so before you even start you should know your objectives,” said Williams.

“It’s very difficult to build huge groups, the reality is people join groups because of who they follow.

“The numbers game doesn’t apply anymore because there is more value in creating the right environment to create a niche group: one that’s successful and has a sense of community.”

The next PPA Business Session takes place on 29 November and focuses on paywalls and how to profit from premium online content.

For more information or to book your place contact PPA Business Manager Joe Hames.

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