Nicolas Sennegon

Global Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer, The Economist Group

With an academic background in translation and interpretation, Nicolas Sennegon started his career as a Diplomat with different positions in French Embassies in London and then in Wellington (New Zealand). Back to France in 1999, his first job in media was as Junior Sales Executive in Classified Advertising at the IHT (ex International New York Times) in Paris. From 2000 to 2007, Nicolas gained stronger sales experience in the world of television at CNBC Europe to end as a Senior Account Director, with management of key accounts like Rolex. The launch of FRANCE24 - the French International TV Channel - gave Nicolas the opportunity to take a new step in his career with management: he developed the EMEA sales team with a network of 30 sales agents and brought in new international clients, including Shell and Breitling. He joined The Economist Group in July 2008 to lead the Southern Europe (Paris and Geneva sales teams) sales team to gain market share and grow revenue. In September 2011, Nicolas made a new step and moved from sales to marketing with a manager role across CEMEA. This move has marked a major change in his career with both sales and marketing experience. In the last couple of years, he has developed his marketing role and experienced further sales management in new markets like the UK. In April 2014, Nicolas became Chief Revenue Officer across the EMEA region and Global Head of Client Marketing. Since February 2015, he has joined the Management Committee of The Economist Global Media Businesses as Global Managing Director, Chief Revenue Officer. Nicolas is married with 3 daughters.