The PPA Independent Publisher Awards are the ultimate accolade for publishers with a turnover of under £10 million, celebrating the dynamic contribution made to our industry and the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent publisher.

Eligibility period:1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017 

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  • Business Publication Of The Year

    NFU Poultry, National Farmers’ Union

    VBJ (Veterinary Business Journal), Veterinary Business Development (VBD)

    VN Times, Veterinary Business Development (VBD)

    Veterinary Times, Veterinary Business Development  (VBD)

  • *New for 2017*
    Commercial Partnership Of The Year

    A Sale of Two Cities, London Review of Books and The Paris Review

    Theatre is GREAT, Morris Visitor Publications

    Race Retro Powered by Motor Sport: Hall of Fame Live, Motor Sport Magazine

  • Consumer Magazine Of The Year

    Vegan Food & Living, Anthem Publishing

    Breathe, GMC Publications

    Rouleur, Gruppo Media

    London Review of Books, London Review of Books

    MANOR, Manor Publishing

    Slimming World, Slimming World

  • Customer Magazine Of The Year

    National Express ‘The View’, EMP Publishing

    Market Life, LSC Publishing

    Explore Paddington, Morris Visitor Publications

    Slimming World, Slimming World

    Reflect, White Light Media & Equatex 

  • Designer Of The Year

    Jenny Cook, Anthem Publishing

    Rob Johnston, Gruppo Media

    Toby Lea, National Farmers’ Union

    Kate Monument, Balance Publishing

    Redactive Media Group, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

    Mike Turner, LSC Publishing 

  • *New for 2017*
    Digital Initiative Of The Year

    Rouleur Customer Acquisition Growth, Gruppo Media

    Road Transport Media, Inviqa UK

    Citywealth Leaders List, Jones Publishing

    London Planner YouTube Channel, Morris Visitor Publications

  • Editor Of The Year

    Jonathan Boyd, InvestmentEurope, Open Door Media Publishing

    Imogen Clements, MANOR, Manor Publishing

    Ian Cleverly, Rouleur, Gruppo Media

    William Hatchett, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

    Mark Riddaway, Market Life, LSC Publishing

    Sophie Scott, Balance, Balance Publishing

    Sara Ward, Slimming World, Slimming World 

  • Writer Of The Year

    Gareth Murphy, Anthem Publishing

    Sarah Brealey, British Heart Foundation

    Khai Trung Le, IOM3

  • Event Of The Year (Business & Consumer)

    Dentistry 17: Stars of Dentistry, Finlayson Media Communications

    Rouleur Classic 2016 – The Road Cycling Emporium, Gruppo Media

    Pan European Summit Lausanne, Open Door Media Publishing

    TTG Top 50 Travel Agencies, TTG Media 

  • Front Cover Of The Year (Business)

    GEO Scientist, Century One Publishing

    NFU Poultry, National Farmers’ Union

    #STUDENTFARMER, National Farmers’ Union

    ERT, Taylist Media

    Poppy, White Light Media

  • Front Cover Of The Year (Consumer)

    Long Live Vinyl - Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary, Anthem Publishing

    Countryside, National Farmers’ Union

    National Trust Magazine, National Trust

    Rock Sound: Twenty One Pilots, Rock Sound

    The Lady, The Lady

    Hot Rum Cow, White Light Media 

  • Independent Publishing Company Of The Year

    Anthem Publishing

    Balance Publishing

    Open Door Media Publishing

    Signature Publishing

    The Chelsea Magazine Company

  • Media Brand Of The Year (Business & Consumer)

    Vegan Food & Living, Anthem Publishing

    Rouleur, Gruppo Media

    TTG Media, TTG Media 

  • *New for 2017*
    Independent Publisher Subscription Magazine Of The Year

    Vegan Food & Living, Anthem Publishing

    London Review of Books, London Review of Books

    PORTER Magazine, The Net-a-Porter Group

  • Launch / Relaunch Of The Year

    Colouring Heaven, Anthem Publishing

    Breathe, GMC Publications

    Care Markets, LaingBuisson

    Healthcare Markets, LaingBuisson

    Happiful Magazine, Memiah

  • Membership Publication Of The Year

    Construction Manager, Atom Publishing

    Heart Matters, British Heart Foundation  

    Arena, Century One Publishing

    British Farmer & Grower, National Farmers’ Union

    National Trust Magazine, National Trust

  • Team Of The Year

    Heart Matters Editorial Team, British Heart Foundation

    London Review of Books Marketing Team, London Review of Books

    Happiful Editorial Team, Memiah 

    Morris Visitor Publications

    NFU Publications, National Farmers Union

    Open Door Media Publishing