Vogue Business Report 2017: Magazines most trusted among fashion buyers

Magazine brands are the most trusted source of information for followers of fashion, new research from Vogue has found.

The Vogue Business Report 2017, conducted by YouGov, asked more than 3,500 ABC1 women which outlets they trust when making a purchasing decision.

Magazine platforms were chosen by 69%, putting them ahead of other media channels and on a par with friends and family.

Respondents said they trusted print magazines almost twice as much as social media. In addition, 75% stated they are much more focused when looking at a print magazine than when looking at any other media.

Websites linked to monthly magazines were more than 50% more trusted than either social media or other lifestyle websites.

The complete findings are documented in the tenth edition of the Vogue Business Report, which also examines media usage over a 12 month period.

It found significant growth in video, which increased by 33% overall, and most notably among consumers at the older end of the millennial group (aged 20-34).

Younger millennials have a greater appetite for magazine websites, registering above the average increase of 25%.

A glossy magazine habit is also gaining traction among this group, said Vogue, and they are more likely to follow magazines on social, which has increased 42% among those aged 20-24 compared against an overall rise of 25%.

Among the Generation Z girls surveyed (aged 12-18), content is largely consumed digitally, with social media use dominated by Instagram and Snapchat. The older 16-18 segment of this group is, says Vogue, starting to form a print magazine habit.


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