ABC data to become more accessible to publishers

Laura Rutkowski

The ABC has announced a number of improvements, which will make its data more accessible to publishers and agencies.

The changes will also support market growth and make the data easier to use when trading.

Four primary circulation categories have been introduced: paid single copies, paid subscriptions, paid multiple copies and free copies. This simplifies the presentation of ABC data, with further sub-categories that allow for more detailed analysis.

ABC CEO Simon Redlich commented: "These enhancements to our service come as a result of in-depth consultation with agencies and publishers and a great deal of work from the industry groups that represent their interests.

Our focus has been to actively support publishers’ efforts to grow circulation, while maintaining the trust that the ABC stands for."

Pricing constraints have been removed, which has led to the removal of minimum cover prices for print retail copies and pricing restrictions on multipacks. The transparency needed for trading has been retained.

A change in the definition of actively purchased figures now means all copies paid for by an individual are included in the actively purchased data.

Several areas of the Standards have been simplified, including a reduction in the number of rate bands shown for paid circulation categories and a simpler and clearer presentation of free copies.

The ABC’s new certificate presentation will come into effect for the next round of certificates released in February 2018.

The new design focuses on making ABC data more accessible, with a clearer and simpler design, which includes graphs and charts to better illustrate circulation.

A full summary can be found here

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