Puzzler Media launches bespoke magazine for people with dementia

Laura Rutkowski

Puzzler Media has joined forces with dementia specialists Unforgettable to launch a bespoke magazine to engage and occupy people living with dementia and their carers.

Puzzles & Pastimes  includes a range of activities to suit those living with dementia – in its early and mid-stages. The specially designed content includes entertaining puzzles, colouring and other activities, alongside nostalgic images and easy recipes designed to stimulate the mind – subsequently sparking memories and conversations.

A detachable booklet for carers is included, containing practical tips and advice on how their loved one can get the most out of the puzzles and other activities.

Puzzler Media’s Publishing Manager Mark Whiteway discussed teaming up with the experts at Unforgettable:  “We have over 45 years of experience in making puzzles of all types and levels of difficulty, and we know that our readers value puzzles as a way of exercising mind and memory, as well as for pure entertainment value.

“Some readers resort to children's puzzles as their sight and memory deteriorate, so we wanted to produce a dedicated magazine that would allow solvers to enjoy the benefits of puzzles for as long as possible, whether alone or in the company of a carer.”

He continued, “To ensure we provided the most appropriate content and design, it was essential to seek the professional guidance of James Ashwell and his team at Unforgettable. Their advice was invaluable in compiling this unique mix of activities and puzzles of varying levels.”

Ashwell founded Unforgettable.org after caring for his mother with dementia for five years. He wanted to help others living with the condition. Unforgettable is a charitable foundation that offers life-changing products and services for people with dementia.

“Our mission is to create a world where people with dementia live the best possible life. People are living longer and family members have high awareness of needs, so are actively seeking products to help give a better quality of life to their loved ones,” Ashwell commented.

“There are very few printed products designed to engage, stimulate and occupy those living with the condition, so we were delighted to team up with Puzzler Media in order to produce this high-quality yet affordable publication.”

In 2017, The Lancet reported that dementia is the greatest global challenge for health and social care in the 21st century.

Around 50 million people worldwide have dementia and this number is predicted to triple by 2050. Research has shown that people aged over 50 are now more concerned about developing dementia than getting cancer.

Puzzles & Pastimes  is on sale from today for £5.99.  

In addition to its own titles, including The Puzzler and Puzzler Collection, Puzzler Media supplies bespoke print and digital puzzles to national and regional newspapers, as well as a variety of consumer magazines – generating almost a quarter of a million puzzles every year.




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