Chelsea Magazine Company announces latest Popshot issue

Laura Rutkowski

The Chelsea Magazine Company has announced the launch of the latest issue of Popshot, the illustrated magazine of new writing.

The spring issue will reveal a bigger and bolder look for the title in response to an increased demand for short stories among readers.

Sales of short story collections rose 45 per cent last year. More than 690,000 short stories and anthologies were sold in the UK in 2017, making these the highest sales since 2010.

The short story “Cat Person”, written by Kristen Roupenian and published in The New Yorker in December 2017, quickly became one of the most read stories on the site.

Popshot ‘s Editors selected 25 stories and poems from more than 800 submissions worldwide.

The Romance Issue offers a punchy look at a topical theme, calling for a Romance Renaissance. Laura Silverman, Editor of Popshot, said: “In the age of Weinstein and Tinder, romance is having a rough ride. We’re calling for its comeback. Our bright and bold issue conjures up a sense of yearning, promise and excitement.

“The flood of interest in romance during a tumultuous time shows a real and sustained desire for connection, passion and tenderness. When can a man approach a woman? Are apps a waste of time? Are all relationships doomed to fail? Without romance, the world would be a poorer, lonelier place.”

Issue 19 includes stories and poems about first love and secret affairs, deep longing and desperate heartbreak. It references all aspects of history and culture – from Tinder to Julius Caesar.

It also features an exclusive preview from Bad Romance, a new short story collection by Emily Hill, published by Unbound.

The birds of paradise cover was designed by illustrator Matt Harrison Clough.

Popshot is an illustrated magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction and poetry from new literary talent. It has been released twice a year since 2009, but it will now be published quarterly to meet the rise in demand for short stories.

The Chelsea Magazine Company is a boutique publisher based on the King’s Road in Chelsea. It produces content for 17 special interest brands that are published in print and on multiple online platforms. 

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