ShortList launches ManKind campaign and first LGBTQ+ issue

Laura Rutkowski

ShortList has launched ManKind, a year-long initiative designed to help men escape outdated stereotypes and lead happier lives.

Aimed to shine a light on the changing face of men in a new world order, ManKind is committed to helping society as a whole see an alternative to old-school patriarchy and follows in the wake of the global #MeToo campaign.

ManKind’s goal is to empower men to break away from society’s expectations and from stereotypically macho role models.

The commitment follows an ongoing awareness in society on male wellbeing – and how modern perceptions of masculinity directly affect men. Borne from the recognition that men are three times more likely to take their own lives, but 84% less likely to open up about their emotions, ManKind is designed to directly address this and help men speak up.

Through ManKind, ShortList  will dedicate its content, images and events across all platforms to ensure we change the way we think, write and talk about men. Initiatives already in place include:

  • We Are Proud: ShortList ran its first ever Pride issue on July 4 in partnership with men’s grooming brand Harry’s, with the cover featuring two men kissing. The magazine is able to address a key mainstream audience about being allies to their LGBTQ+ friends and colleagues.

    Chris Mandle, Entertainment Director at ShortList, said: “This was a huge opportunity for us to engage with our readers about a subject that means a lot to us. We produced an issue which is Pride-themed all the way through, full of advice and insight from the LGBTQ+ community. We have commissioned exclusive short fiction, long-reads, incredible photography and some familiar faces dispensing the kind of urgent, affirmative guidance that ShortList readers will benefit from. I hope people take a lot from it.”

ShortList Pride issue

  • Happier Hour: Deaths related to alcohol and drug addiction are statistically higher among men. ShortList has introduced a series of just-after-work events and talks that separate Happy Hour from alcohol, encouraging men to get away from their meetings and obligations and rediscover hobbies, including music, comedy and acting.

  • Mind the Grind: ShortList will bring employers across Britain on board to help reset unhealthy working practises, including the destructive macho culture of late-night working and out-of-hours emailing.

Phil Hilton, Editorial Director of Shortlist Media, said: “ShortList began life over a decade ago, partly as an alternative to traditional ‘lad mags’. The ManKind initiative feels like a logical progression and entirely right for the conversation about men and masculinity happening right now.”

The ManKind logo even shows the "n" lending the "i" a shoulder of support – reminding us that we should all be kinder to not only each other, but to ourselves.

Joe Mackertich, Editor-in-Chief of ShortList, said: “I’ve always wanted ShortList to look and sound unique. Now, I want our readers to feel a similar sense of freedom in their own lives. Men need no longer be defined by the restrictive norms that have proved so damaging. The ManKind campaign, of which I am already immensely proud, will provide our audience with brilliant features which celebrate all the ways that masculinity can manifest itself in 2018.

“From our first Pride issue and pieces that deal with suicide, to our commitment to helping guys maintain a healthy work-life balance, ManKind is all about exploring and redefining what it is to be a man in this wonderful, occasionally baffling age."


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