NLA Media Access launches one-year licence extension

Laura Rutkowski

Copyright body NLA Media Access has launched a new licensing option, Extended Access, allowing licensees to view publisher content for up to one year.

Licensees with Extended Access will now be permitted to continue viewing content for up to 365 days from the day it is published. The new licence will allow access to all NLA content, from over 300 publishers, excluding the Financial Times. This covers all content from eClips titles, eClips web titles and scanned titles, equating to 3,600 newspaper and magazine titles and over 2,100 web titles in total.

Following the announcement of the new Extended Access option, Henry Jones, Managing Director at NLA Media Access, commented: “Our licensing team works incredibly hard to understand the pain points of our 10,000+ valued licensees, with both the inability to access past content and the complexity of our licences being common themes.

“We made inroads on simplification with the PR Client Service Licence, which has a more than 90% take up among agency licensees, and we continue to look for ways to continue to reduce complexity while operating a fair and transactional system that benefits both our licensees and the publishers we represent,” Jones continued.

“Additionally, many licensees have voiced frustration at the inability to access important past content when, for example, comparing quarter by quarter activity or campaigns.”

He added: “Through long discussions with our publishers, who of course are rightly protective of their content, and the help of some of our international counterparts that have similar offerings, we have been able to solve this issue with the launch of Extended Access. In simple terms, a licensee who wishes to gain access to their coverage for up to a year will pay an additional 10% fee on top of their current licence.”

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