PPA signs cross-industry open letter on ePrivacy

Laura Rutkowski

EMMA and ENPA have joined more than 50 stakeholders, including the PPA, in co-signing an open letter to call for a review of the draft ePrivacy regulation.

EMMA is the European Magazine Media Association and ENPA is the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association. The signatories represent 19 European countries across different industry sectors.

The letter, entitled “Europe Cannot Afford to Miss the Data Revolution,” read:

“We call on European and national policy-makers to review the ePrivacy draft regulation. The European Digital Single Market deserves better than a regulation with massive and uncontrolled side effects.

“It needs clear and simple definitions, separating personal and non-personal data, with consistent and horizontal implementation, in order to guarantee the protection of individuals and the development of the European digital ecosystem,” it continued.

President of EMMA Xavier Bouckaert stated: “An overwhelming and comprehensive number of key stakeholders are coming together to signal that Europe cannot afford to get this legislation wrong.

"It must be pragmatic and ensure that European press publishers and other businesses can participate in the data revolution, and at the same time, truly empower citizens when it comes to privacy.”

ENPA President Carlo Perrone added: “In the digital sphere, press publishers must be able to keep financing professional journalism, which is the only true solution to counter fake news. Also, it is indispensable for us to build trustful long-term relationships directly with our readers.

“The current ePrivacy proposal would impair us in both of these aspects by cutting our ties with readers and placing management of all privacy in the custody of browsers and making it legally unmanageable to use cookies on our websites.”

EMMA and ENPA have called on the EU institutions to reconsider the current proposals and to follow an approach that will ensure a just and fair level playing field for the entire digital arena.

Read the full letter here.

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