Walstead announces intention to close its oldest UK sheet fed printing operation

Louisa Cavell

Walstead Group today announced its intention to close its oldest UK sheet fed printing operation.

Walstead Grange, based in Southwick, West Sussex, had been trading under the old Wyndeham banner since the formation of the original Group for in excess of 32 years. The company today entered into a 30 day consultation with its 59 employees. 

The Grange business had been a prominent player in the sheet fed market in the eighties and nineties but like all companies in the sector has struggled in recent years. 2018 showed a further trading loss with pricing likely to have a further detrimental effect on 2019. Consumable prices and commercial property rents have made the future trading position worse. 

Walstead are still very keen to hold a significant presence in the UK sheet fed market and have a modern suite of presses in their web offset factory Walstead Roche in Cornwall. This site has two fully equipped high speed machines as well as extensive varnishing, cutting, folding, mailing and hand work. 

Consultation at Walstead Grange is now in progress with the first meetings planned next week. 

Roy Kingston, Walstead Group Chief Operating Officer said; “This is a regrettable announcement for a company that has served the market well with a dedicated and loyal workforce. However, it is a reflection of the market conditions and we have to consolidate by using our most modern facilities with which will be able to service all existing Grange customers without increasing capacity or overheads”.








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