PPA collaborates with major publishing houses and magazine retailers for Press Pause campaign

Laura Rutkowski

The PPA's Press Pause campaign is an initiative that will highlight not only the joy of ‘me time’ with a magazine, but also the benefits of relaxing to help improve personal well-being and the related health benefits.

The campaign, which was given a soft launch in September 2017, is being supported by members of the PPA, which includes the major magazine publishing houses.

They are providing advertising and editorial space in their titles, both print and online, while magazine retailers, including supermarkets, will carry Press Pause promotional displays throughout 2018.

Pressing pause is about taking time out for yourself and leaving the daily stresses and anxieties behind. Turning off the digital devices that now dominate our lives with constant messages and alerts allows us to simply enjoy our own company and to create some personal mind space, even for just a couple of minutes.

The campaign is designed to have a two-fold effect:

  1.  To encourage consumers to rediscover and/or further embrace the joy and satisfaction that comes from simply reading a magazine.
  2.  To highlight the health benefits that relaxing with a magazine can bring and encourage people to pause their day and take time to step off the never-ending treadmill that we call life.

Put simply, Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE, defines happiness as “experiences of pleasure and purpose over time” and said, “To be truly happy you need to feel both pleasure and purpose” (Happiness by Design*). By reading a magazine, you can learn new things, discover a community of fellow enthusiasts, be inspired to try a fresh activity or just indulge in some relaxing reading.*

Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, commented, “The Press Pause campaign is something we are incredibly proud of and excited about. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of the publishers and retailers who have already committed to supporting the campaign. We are sure that working together as an industry will have a very positive effect on our market and beyond.

"The UK produces some of the world’s greatest publications and the magazine industry as a whole performs an incredible and underrated service that educates, entertains and feeds the passions of the British public. We want even more people to start taking advantage of this and create more ‘me time’ to help deal with the daily stresses that life throws at us.”

* Credit - Magnetic Media https://magnetic.media/insight/moments-that-matter

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