PPA takes delegation of publishers to discuss future trade agreements with the Department of International Trade

Louisa Cavell and Amy Owens

Last Thursday, Public Affairs Executive, Amy Owens and members of the PPA Trade Committee attended a meeting at the Department for International Trade, to discuss the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) in trade negotiations

 The publisher-focused session was facilitated by the Alliance for IP, of which the PPA is a member, to raise industry specific concerns and priorities for the handling of IP and copyright, in the context of future UK trade policy.   

Strong IP provisions ensure that publishers can protect their content and receive reasonable remuneration from the licensing and selling of trademarks and brand rights internationally.  

During the meeting the PPA and the Publishers Association (PA) were able to highlight how IP underpins publisher business models, and why the gold standard copyright protections in the UK should be celebrated, not suspended in future trade agreements. 

Feedback was also given to government officials on the logistical concerns regarding trade deals, the potential impact on the custom and supply chain aspect of publishing businesses as a result of new trading agreements. 

For further details, please contact Amy Owens at amy.owens@ppa.co.uk




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