EU Copyright reform adopted by member states

Louisa Cavell

The EU Copyright Directive was adopted by the European Council on Monday, completing its final stage of approval

Europe’s press publishers, represented by the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA), the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA), the European Publishers’ Council (EPC) and News Media Europe (NME), welcomed this long-awaited EU copyright reform that introduces the crucial neighbouring right for press publishers (Article 15), strong rights for users and responsibility for platforms.

Following the signature and publication of the Directive in the Official Journal of the EU, member states will have 24 months to transpose the new rules into their national law.

Carlo Perrone, President of ENPA, said: ““Now that the copyright directive has been approved by all European Institutions, we call on Member States to implement this reform quickly. There is no time to wait. We urgently need the Publisher’s Right to improve press publishers’ bargaining position in the digital environment and protect them against the unauthorised commercial use of their press publications.”

Christian Van Thillo, Chairman of the EPC, said: “This important reform will help make the EU copyright regime fit for the digital age without stifling digital innovation. As press publishers, we would like to thank Europe’s regulators for adopting this important directive that acknowledges the value of the press to society and the need for fair remuneration for the commercial re-use of our intellectual property.”

Xavier Bouckaert, President of EMMA, said: “Publishers of all sizes and other creators will now have the right to set terms and conditions for others to re-use their content commercially, as is only fair and appropriate.”

Fernando de Yarza Lopez Madrazo, President of News Media Europe (NME) said: “A neighbouring right for press publishers is an essential precondition for guaranteeing media pluralism in the European Union as an indispensable basis for freedom of opinion and a healthy democracy which is why we remain fully committed to work with policy makers on the implementation phase of the Directive at national level.”

Owen Meredith, Managing Director of PPA, said:“This is very welcome news, and comes after years of hard work to deliver a package of reforms to modernise copyright for the digital age across Europe. It is now important that the UK consider carefully how to implement the Directive and provide for a Publishers’ Right that allows those who have invested in the creation of news and entertainment journalism to fairly monetise that content in the digital world.”

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