Jellyfish CoNNect

Jellyfish CoNNect

Jellyfish Connect is a specialist company within the Jellyfish Group offering our magazine, newspaper and subscription box clients the very best in subscription marketing and management.

Risk-free subscription marketing through: print subscriptions is the fastest growing print magazine subscription website in the UK. Selling hundreds of consumer and professional magazines, it attracts millions of visitors looking for print magazine subscriptions.


There are no set-up or listing fees. You simply pay a fixed CPA for each new subscription generated. When taking on a new title we can also run a PPC campaign for your brand. All media costs, plus our time to manage your search campaign, are included in the CPA.


Pocketmags: digital subscriptions

Pocketmags is the global digital newsstand selling single digital issues and digital
subscriptions through its website and apps. It allows readers to buy once for access across multiple devices and platforms (Apple, Google, Amazon and web).


With an increasing range of marketing tools and services, Pocketmags also facilitates publishers setting up and running their own marketing promotions using special offers and pricing,

Pocketmags operates on a revenue share basis and can also run a PPC campaign for your digital magazine brand. subscription boxes is the UK's first subscription box marketplace and the latest site created and built in-house by Jellyfish Connect. Our large-scale digital marketing campaigns drive huge volumes of traffic from consumers interested in and searching for subscription boxes, making it easy, fast and safe for them to buy through uOpen.

There are no set up or listing fees. You only pay when we generate a sale for a box as uOpen operates on a revenue share model.


Cost-effective app and digital edition publishing

Jellyfish Connect’s Magazine Cloner software enables publishers to create apps and digital editions from one simple upload. Apps are mobile-friendly, presented in article-by-article form, and are created via an automated process, making the software a cost-effective and time-saving option for publishers to use.


The reporting platform is unique in providing ABC-accredited and BPA compliant data, consolidating sales information from Apple, Amazon, Google and Pocketmags, allowing subscription fulfilment reports to be run correctly and taking the hassle out of data collation and auditing processes.The platform also provides publishers with extensive data and analytics reports.  

Set up fees are modest. Thereafter you only pay when we generate a sale as we operate on a revenue share model.