More than any other channel, magazine environments enhance advertising's ability to cement consumer bonding. They also deliver the highest ROI of any channel in the study.

PPA Magonomics, by Mindshare

PPA Magonomics, by Mindshare [2012] examines the role of print magazines in driving advertiser/consumer bonding and influencing purchase behaviour.

Conducted by Mindshare UK’s Business Planning Unit, Magonomics analysed bonding scores from 136 brands and econometric data from 77 campaigns. The outcomes conclusively identify the role of magazine advertising in brand positioning and the hard-cash metric, Return on Investment (ROI): magazine advertising delivered the highest ROI.

Key findings: 

  • Drives consumer bonding:  Consumers bond with a brand is crucial to sales. Many brands will satisfy a 'need' but consumers buy the brands which ‘feel right’ to them. More than any other channel, magazine environments enhance advertising's ability to cement consumer bonding
  • Underestimated contribution of magazines : Misrepresentation of ratings delivery is undervaluing magazine campaigns by an average 19%
  • Highest ROI:  Of all the media channels used in the 77 analysed campaigns, printed magazine advertising delivered the highest ROI @ 11% higher than TV and @ 22% higher than online
  • Huge potential:  Why is that ROI so high? Diminishing Returns Curve analysis identified that magazines influence on markets is being used to only a fraction of its potential. In fact, magazine advertising investment would need to more than double before ROI dropped to that of its nearest rival

"In exploring how magazines are treated in econometrics, we are able to demonstrate that correctly distributing magazine ratings over time leads to an uplift of 19% in magazine ROI". Mindshare UK Business Director, Jim Jarrett

"Our work with Mindshare and Ohal has conclusively shown just how powerful, and frequently underestimated, magazines’ ability are not only to get consumers closer to brands, but to make a substantial contribution to an advertiser’s bottom line when deployed and measured appropriately". PPA Head of research, Marius Cloete

To find out more about one of the most sophisticated studies of magazine brands and ROI, contact PPA Head of Research, Marius Cloete or PPA Marketing Director, James Papworth.