Subscription Futures: New PPA research analyses impact on publishing of growth in the Subscription Economy

By : PPA Communications

A new report from the PPA investigates how publishers are responding to consumers' changing relationships with subscription models.

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Commissioned for the PPA’s Customer Direct Conference 2016, the Subscription Futures research report looks at magazine subscriptions in the context of the wider consumer marketplace, and asks what opportunities and challenges lie ahead, and how subscription teams are being formed to best meet them.

The “Subscription Economy” is growing and extending well beyond media and entertainment, with the Recurring Revenue Model (RRM) now an accepted part of a range of both consumer and B2B markets.

This development brings challenges for publishers as well as opportunities, as end-user expectations as to how the RRM actually works are both changing and rising.

Looking specifically at publishing market trends, there are a number of key factors which set the whole subscription context: 

* Publisher business models are both changing and coming under more pressure. The industry is operating under severe financial constraints.

* Consumer magazine subscriptions are growing their share steadily yet the magazine subscription is changing as consumers want different things from it.

* The increasingly digital workplace is shaping both consumer and B2B sectors. At the same time, the whole subscriber relationship is becoming more digital, from content delivery through to customer acquisition and ongoing communications.

* The shift into corporate subscriptions has been the single biggest driver of change for the B2B sector.

* The acquisition journey is becoming longer and more complex – and, therefore, more expensive.

* The shift of emphasis from acquisition to retention is continuing at the same time as publishers move from “renewal cycles” to a more holistic ongoing “customer relationship management” approach.

All of these factors are shaping subscription marketing practice, both in terms of what a subscription department does and how the department is structured.

Subscription Futures 2016 is available to delegates of the PPA Customer Direct Conference and to all PPA members on request.

For further information and to request a copy of the report, contact Nicola Rowe by email.

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