Weight Watchers magazine gets a revamp

By : PPA Communications

Weight Watchers magazine has undergone a redesign.

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As well as a new look and feel, publisher River is also introducing several new editorial ideas to the slimming title.

Masterchef’s Greg Wallace is the first male cover star in over a decade after he lost 20lbs on the weight loss programme.

The magazine also has a guest Editor for the first time after reader Sophie James won a competition to interview Wallace and help put the issue together.

Finally the magazine has launched its first national campaign, which is aimed at persuading cinemas to offer a choice of portion sizes and healthier snacks.

Editorial Director Mary Frances said: “'We have taken down the traditional barriers between success stories, food and wellbeing to make it a more holistic offering where readers are part of every section of the magazine: cooking and trying out recipes, modelling fashion, demonstrating fitness techniques and so on.

“The response from readers and the client has been fantastic and we have more innovations in store for the rest of the year.”


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