ShortList Media to launch digital women's fashion brand

By : PPA Communications

ShortList Media has revealed it is to launch a digital fashion and beauty brand aimed at affluent, stylish women.

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Never Underdressed is scheduled to arrive in May 2013 and will combine original photography and video with up-to-the-minute news, galleries and features.

ShortList Media, which publishes free weeklies ShortList and Stylist as well as email titles Mr Hyde and Emerald Street, said Never Underdressed would apply the high-gloss production values of monthly fashion magazines with the hourly speed and immediacy of the web.

Built using responsive design, the site aims to deliver a rich, multimedia experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Radio Times
Never Underdressed editor Carrie Tyler (left) with
publisher Lucy Alexander.
Never Underdressed will be published by Lucy Alexander. Other key appointments include Fashion Director Ursula Lake; Contributing Fashion Editor Miranda Almond; Beauty Director Joanna McGarry; News Editor Harriet Walker; Assistant Editor Kelly Bowerbank; and Ad Director Rozana Hall.

The 14-strong editorial team will be led by Carrie Tyler, winner of Outstanding Team Leadership of the Year award at the PPA Digital Publishing Awards 2012.

Tyler said: “I’m delighted to be able to bring such a stellar team together to create what is the most ambitious digital fashion and beauty brand this country has ever seen.

"We are committed to not only delivering the best and most original content but also to significantly outperforming the market on the number of stories we cover."

Mike Soutar, Chief Executive of Shortlist Media Ltd, added: “Never Underdressed is a hugely ambitious and exciting launch for us.

"The months of research we have devoted to the development of the new service leave me in no doubt that we will be bringing a genuinely distinctive and valuable brand to the market."

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