PPA Pass4press

Pass4press is a set of guidelines, introduced and maintained by the PPA, for creating industry-standard PDF files for printing in the magazine sector. The best practice guidelines detail how to create reliable, print-ready PDF files and assist in the creation and management of digital workflows for the end-to-end production of magazines in the UK. It’s crucial to get things right up-front to prevent expensive mistakes further down the production line. Get this phase right and the PDF creation settings noted below, will mean that you can create a problem free PDF. Pass4press version 10 contains application settings for all the latest software packages from Adobe and Quark.

Pass4Press version 11

  • Pass4Press v11 Complete Brochure


Pass4press version 10

Please note that all presets are available from the Ghent PDF Workgroup.

Pass4press version 9

Pass4press version 8

Pass4press version 7

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