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    Is Salesforce too expensive for smaller publishers pt2

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    Publication Date 27/04/2015 11:17:00
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    Following on from an earlier article, we look at a different source of revenue as we explore the ROI of Salesforce for the smaller publisher.

    Salesforce is probably the most expensive CRM system on the market, but it's also the most successful. And it's successful because more people have bought Salesforce than any other CRM. Publishers are no exception with research we have conducted showing Salesforce as the favourite CRM.

    Traditionally Salesforce has been seen as a solution for big companies. It is certainly has a proven record in dealing with large data sets, but it is also making big in-roads into the SME sector.

    So what about the smaller publisher? I'm thinking of niche trade magazines, local lifestyle/community magazines or innovative digital publishers. Is Salesforce too expensive?

    Of course this is the wrong question, the correct question is, what ROI can a small publisher expect from an investment, not only in annual license fees, but also configuration, training and disruption costs?

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