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A news agency with a focus on feature. 

Personal, food & beverage, travel, lifestyle, fashion & trends, computers, technology & gadgets, movies & music, do-it-yourself, animals and nature, culture and literature, fitness, sports and health, and the like. In addition, there crosswords, sudoku and crafts.

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Editor resource at rapid needs. ContentCentral is the marketplace where freelancers and media meet. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simple, comfortable, affordable and profitable for all parties.

  • An additional resource if necessary - Sometimes you need editorial material quickly - or so you might have fewer resources during holiday or because of sickness.
  • Content on demand - Search for articles in various categories - only a few keystrokes away from being able to buy and published.
  • Quality Controlled materials. We review all the items manually. This is to assure ourselves that the material conveyed meet the standards we wish to uphold.
  • Free to join. There is no cost to join ContentCentral. You can search and read the articles - and only pay for the purchase.
  • Mission Agency. With ContentCentral gives you access to search and seek Sweden's leading freelancing and subject matter experts.
  • Simple administration. Save time and money by allowing ContentCentral administer your freelancing, materials, supplies, and more.