Creative Workflows

Creative Workflows

Creative Workflows Ltd. ensuring publishers, design teams and arts groups become more efficient, productive and creative. Improving creative operations of all sizes for over 25 years.

Creative Workflows are enabling creative teams to be more productive and more creative. We are specialists in improving the creative processes through both technical and cultural refinement, and have over 25 years of working with some of the world’s most recognised media brands in both traditional and digital markets. We have a proven track record of improving efficiency whilst maintaining quality, and implementing change in a structured and sensitive way.

Creative Workflows works with your teams to improve the whole creative process. By mapping your current workflows and processes we quickly identify what is working and what is not. We then identify the changes required both technical and cultural to help make your teams become more productive and more creative.



Sean Briggs the CEO of Creative Workflows has spent over 25 years working with media teams helping to establish the successful editorial workflows of some of the most recognized consumer brands and artistic establishments. Examples of these many brands and companies along with their endorsements can be found on our website. 

By taking a personal and collaborative approach to solving problems we see positive team engagement and active individual buy-in to the required changes. Each project is different in many ways but the following are common themes.

Remove repetition of effort.
Reduce workflow bottlenecks.
Detect outdated modes of working.
Map roles and responsibilities.
Identify new technical solutions.
Establish cultural improvements.
Challenge historic processes.
Manage change sensitively.

The overriding goals we achieve for many of our clients tend to be:

Work smarter not harder.
Improve overall efficiency.
Create time for the creative process.
Automate wherever possible.
Save time and money.

Having worked with a wide range of vendors across many companies our independent approach to problem solving means we only ever suggest the most appropriate solutions to your business needs.

We are confident we can improve your company’s productivity and creativity. Visit our website or better, give Sean Briggs a call on 07725 759 700.