Dawson Media Direct

Dawson Media Direct

DMD works with hundreds of publishers globally to grow circulations and increase sales opportunities among international airline travellers worldwide.

Accessing over 120 airlines, our solutions deliver privileged access to every passenger at an optimal point in his or her journey for discretionary uptake. Offering complimentary copies at departure aids passenger relaxation and positively promotes the media provided. DMD solutions include gate services for airlines and larger scale Media Wall displays for airports operators.


Our verified service to publishers can also deliver invaluable discretionary sampling opportunities among influential and time-poor VIP and premium class categories, under uniquely favourable lounge conditions.This access helps cost-effectively build international circulation among high-value audiences. The service is available for newspapers, magazines and increasingly for digital publications too.


DMD compiles flight-specific publication packages guided by real passenger demographic data. We can adjust content according to route, day and time of flight, and by cabin class. For example, the same airline’s economy class package on a weekend holiday flight might be an entirely different offer from that presented to its business class cabin on a weekday flight between capitals.


DMD digital press services for airlines, airports and rail operators complement our market leading print provision in one integrated solution from a truly global media aggregator, enabling us to deliver a managed complement of physical and digital delivery and protected publisher relationships.



Lyn Witcomb, Regional Manager, Scotland

Anya Perry, Service Delivery Manager (UK & Ireland)

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