Feathr is a marketing cloud that helps event organizers boost registrations, create and sell digital sponsorships, and engage attendees throughout the year.

Event organizers are amazing at leveraging their physical assets to generate revenue. No one is better at selling floor space to exhibitors or selling at-event exposure to sponsors. But there’s a huge asset that event organizers don’t really know how to leverage – their digital audience. And money is being left on the table because of it.


Our message is simple. You don’t have to let this go on with your event any longer.


Capture, engage, and leverage your digital audience to increase registrations and generate revenue throughout the year. And do it all with one simple platform, Feathr.


Feathr has four functions related to digital audiences: 1. Know 2. Grow 3. Engage 4. Monetize.


Know your audience – Plant the Super Pixel* on your website(s) and emails – Feathr automatically starts to capture and intelligently segment your audiences.


Engage your audience – Feathr’s intelligent ad targeting gets the right message in front of the right person at the right time to turn window-shoppers into customers and keep them engaged throughout the year.
Features: Automated Retargeting


Monetize your audience beyond the event – Why only leverage your valuable audience during the few days of your event? Feathr gathers your audience into a nice digital package that you can offer to exhibitors/sponsors before, during, and after the event – creating a completely new revenue stream for your organization.
Features: Digital Sponsorships – Off Season Advertising


Grow your audience – Feathr makes it easy to get exposure to new, relevant prospects. We leverage the assets you already have – like your existing audience, sponsors/exhibitors, and speakers – to expand your digital reach and grow your event.
Features: Lookalike Audiences – Microsites with Referral Tracking


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