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Flume Training

Flume is dedicated to helping sales teams adapt and succeed in today’s climate using the most innovative and powerful methods to influence today’s buyer. Call or email to find out what works in media sales today.

Flume launched in 2010 to help companies increase sales and improve staff retention. It was created to challenge the conventional approaches to both sales and sales training. Our focus is on developing commercial teams, structured around the following beliefs:

1) Client buying habits have changed dramatically, and as a result, companies must adapt
2) Development interventions must focus on delivering measurable results to provide real value

We provide training, coaching, facilitation and consultancy in the following areas:

Flume’s tailored development programmes transform sales teams, enabling them to take advantage of proven approaches that deliver results in today’s market place.

Sales development
We challenge our clients to make the right decisions, not necessarily the easy ones. We see that traditional sales training can be formulaic, generic and not fit for purpose in today’s fast changing media market. We approach things very differently.
We utilise research on today’s buyer to prove the changing nature of buying habits and the impact this has on sales teams and their approaches. 

Example workshops include:
Selling to today's buyer
Multi-platform selling
Selling digital advertising
Sponsorship sales
Creating compelling sales proposals
Speeding up decisions
Objection handling
Brilliant sales negotiation


Management development
We know that sales performance has an intrinsic link to the management and leadership of the sales teams and so we work with our clients to ensure all areas of the business are aligned.

Example workshops include:
Managing today's sales teams
Powerful team communication
Motivating your sales team

Presentation development

Most presentations deliver a barrage of information to your unwitting audience. The strongest presentations take the audience on a journey to a new place, a new mind-set, a new conclusion. We work with you to understand that journey, before we hone your skills to deliver clear, focused, memorable and engaging presentations every time.

Example workshop:
Presentations that change minds

Communication development
We work with professionals across the spectrum of job titles to help improve communication skills. In all jobs, communication in one form or another plays a significant role in the success of individuals and teams. Our practical workshops help to dramatically improve this core aspect of everyone’s working life.

Sessions are regularly developed for clients around the following themes: Understanding yourself and others; Networking & influencing; Impactful emails, Emails and proposals; Internal and external negotiation; Confidence and assertiveness; Powerful presentations; Sales for non-sales.

Contact details
Richard Myles
Telephone: +44 (0)7831 622 146
Email: richard@flumetraining.com 
Twitter: @richmyles

Raoul Monks
Telephone: +44 (0)7523 951 558
Email: raoul@flumetraining.com
Twitter: @raoulmonks1

Joe Wilkins
Telephone: +44 (0)7837 113 923
Email: joe@flumetraining.com
Twitter: @JOWmedia



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