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Flume Training

At Flume we believe the way clients buy has totally changed and what works in sales will never be the same again. We deliver training, coaching and consultancy to dramatically increase revenue and loyalty from clients. Call or email to find out what works in media sales today.

Our focus is on developing commercial teams, structured around the following beliefs:

1) Client buying habits have changed dramatically, and as a result, companies must adapt
2) Development interventions must focus on delivering measurable results to provide real value

We deliver training, coaching and consultancy to dramatically increase revenue and loyalty from clients.

We specialise in the following sectors: Media, Events, Agency, Ad-Tech and Business Intelligence.


Flume’s media sales training philosophy: (https://flumetraining.com/about/our-beliefs/)


Today’s strongest sales teams demonstrate entirely different skills and approaches to traditional models. These are the skills we believe in, and these are the skills we teach at Flume. We help sales teams see everything from the client perspective, enabling them to create approaches that make it easy for clients to choose.


We see that traditional sales training can be formulaic, generic and not fit for purpose in today’s fast changing media market. We approach things very differently. 

Every piece of development work we do is bespoke to our clients’ needs. We focus on three core areas: sales, sales management and presentations. Our courses focus on educating trainees only in techniques which will bring success now and in the future. Newcomers to sales will enter the industry with an understanding of how to achieve the strongest results, while experienced salespeople will be equipped with new skills that challenge their thinking and approach. Our proven
sales training and sales management training courses cover everything from basic sales training to sponsorship sales to teaching effective presentation skills. Your team are likely to have a mixture of experience and skill levels, so we will take the time to deeply understand their specific needs and devise a bespoke sales training solution. See our full range of courses . . .


Our approach has been proven to achieve speedy, significant, sustainable results for clients in a range of sectors – 95% of our work comes from referrals. Need more information? Check out these testimonials from happy Flume clients or get in touch via our contact page. One of our team would be happy to help.


Resources (https://flumetraining.com/resources/)


You don’t have to be a client to learn the Flume way. We love to share the modern sales techniques rendering traditional methods obsolete any way we can. Use our wide range of resources to learn new approaches you may not have considered and download our whitepapers and guides to keep you ahead of the game.


Contact details 
Richard Myles - Director
Telephone: +44 (0)7831 622 146 
Email: richard@flumetraining.com  

Raoul Monks – Founder & Director
Telephone: +44 (0)7523 951 558 
Email: raoul@flumetraining.com 

Paul Cruise – Lead Trainer
Telephone: +44 (0)7557 364 004
Email: paul@flumetraining.com 

Nicola Myles- Marketing & Office Manager
Telephone: +44 (0)7584 628827 
Email: nicola@flumetraining.com 




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