Ingenta is the world-leading provider of content solutions that transform business. We cover the publishing process from end to end with our suite of commercial products, content and advertising solutions plus client support and professional services packages.

1. Ingenta Ad Depot

Browser-based multimedia advertising platform

Ingenta Ad Depot is a browser-based multimedia advertising platform that offers a complete advertising solution to help manage multimedia advertising sales and track processes. An extensive arsenal of tools helps your advertising team keep track of their canvassing and selling process, book multimedia advert placements and make changes at insertion level easily, backed by a flexible Inventory system that empowers your sales teams to sell multimedia, multi-channel print, digital and non-print physical inventory such as events and physical goods such as CDs books, etc.
This platform features tools that help plan, organise and manage track leads and opportunities, control inventory, manage financials and report on activity status through built in reporting tool and dashboard.

Ingenta Market Place (ad portal)

Ingenta Market Place provides a means for suppliers to book advertising space(s) on a retailer’s website. This enables the retailer to easily view, select and confirm optimum suppliers’ product(s) for each position, to maximise revenues.

2. Ingenta Audience


Audience profiling platform to optimise advert positioning

Audience is an audience profiling platform. It provides customer intelligence to help you engage the right audiences and make better informed marketing decisions. The profiling platform provides tools to segment your audience. 

Advertisers expect media publishers to know who their digital audience are and what they are interested in to ensure they will get their brand in front of the right audience with the right:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Geolocation

Audience ingests multiple data sources to gain a holistic view of your digital platform visitor. It has the ability to interpret data such as consumers’ interests and attractions across digital and interact with other data points to create a ‘single consumer view’ of the customers.

Audience is a scalable real-time data management platform (DMP) – This allows you to both gain unprecedented insight about your individual customers and to action this insight real-time in all your marketing and sales channels. Alternatively, part of your personalised Advertising and Editorial content serving platform.

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