Kreatio stands for delivering the best in the class solutions for publishers, for all their content management and web publishing needs. We help publishers to unlock the full potential of their existing online investments. Our breadth of product and services, proudly helping publishers from all parts of the world and empowering them to monetize their content.

We help digital publishers engage better with their audiences and monetise their content, while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Kreatio offers a full portfolio of solutions for digital publishing. Our solutions along with our full service model ensures that all your IT worries are taken care of, while you focus on your business needs.

Our Solutions cover the full gamut of publishing and includes a best in class content management system, a subscriptions management system, real time analytics without the need for tagging or programming, a data journalism tool, editorial newsletter tool, events microsites, lead generation tools and directories. They are all built on the latest technologies and foster team work and improve productivity.

The Kreatio support plan covers the full spectrum of publisher needs, including site optimisation, security, multi-level back up and many other elements. Our fixed cost, all bases covered support and maintenance model ensures that you have a clear visibility of your IT costs.


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