PX Analytics

PX Analytics

At PX Analytics we help publishers grow subscription revenue and profitability with our easy to use predictive analytics platform PX Publishing.

Fight Churn and Grow Revenue with PX Analytics

PX Analytics is a self-service predictive analytics platform created to help marketing, sales and retention teams in the publishing industry to fight churn and grow subscription revenue. 

Developed by Statsols, we have 20 plus years of programming experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. We work with clients such as Novartis, Amgen, Pfizer, the FDA and Samsung. For the last 10 years we have had been involved in the publication industry. Our clients need for easy to understand predictive churn modules has led to the development of PX Analytics For Publishing.   

How PX Analytics works
Analysing your historic subscriber data, our PX publishing retention models make accurate predictions on your subscriber’s future behaviour. 

Used in house by your own marketing, sales and retention teams, PX Analytics gives each of your subscribers a ‘PX Score’. This is how likely your subscribers are to churn or not. PX Scores can be accessed from the PX Analytics Platform or directly from your current CRM.

PX Analytics enables you to segment your subscribers, run targeted campaigns and make the right interventions at the right time. 
Looking to increase renewal rates while decreasing marketing spend? 

See how PX can help you today - Check out our retention calculator

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Liam Burke - Digital Marketing Executive - liam.burke@statsols.com
Brendan Nyhan - COO - brendan.nyhan@statsols.com