Pulsar is an innovative social media monitoring platform that turns social data into actionable insight. Used by marketing, planning, communications and research professionals, Pulsar enables you to find what really matters within social media discussion using cutting edge data science and data visualisation.

Built by a team of market researchers and data scientists and digital product specialists, Pulsar is designed to go beyond keyword tracking and enable content tracking and deep audience understanding.
Our client base has grown rapidly to include major global brands (e.g. Tesco and Mazda), social media companies (Twitter and Tumblr), advertising, marketing & PR agencies (e.g. Publicis), public sector bodies such as the Department of Health & the Food Standards Agency, and several UK universities.
How Pulsar works
Pulsar offers 3 different ways to collect social data to enable you to track what’s most important to you: 
● Topic tracking – Collect discussion across the social web that mentions a particular topic, organisation or person that you’re interested in 
● Audience mapping - Understand a particular group of people on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr
● Content tracking – Understand how people are sharing a particular URL e.g. a YouTube video or website address.
Comprehensive global coverage 
● 170 languages
● Full Twitter Firehose access
● Full range of other social media channels covered including Facebook topic data, Tumblr, forums, review sites, news, blogs, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram. 
We offer research services at 3 levels: 
● “Sonic” social reports – short, clear and engaging reporting options designed to increase the visibility and value of your social media activities within the organization 
● Bespoke social media research projects to dig deeper into customer needs, the competitive landscape or your content performance. 
● Qualitative research consultancy for brand strategy, communications strategy & testing, and new product and service development