Rhapsody Limited

Rhapsody Limited

Rhapsody is the UK’s leading pre-media specialist based in the heart of London’s Shoreditch. Combining expert talent with the latest technologies, we excel in delivering high quality creative output. ...

Streamline your digital workflow with ePublish


ePublish is a revolutionary CMS-based digital publishing platform from Rhapsody, the leading cross-media production specialist , whose clients include Time Inc. (UK), Boden, Argos, Cedar , Redwood Publishing and Waitrose.


ePublish gives publishers the ability to create digital apps and responsive mobile websites directly from Adobe InDesign files, streamlining the entire publishing workflow. 


With increasing demands on resources and the number of devices and sizes continually changing, finding a way to deploy content seamlessly across multiple digital platforms has been a challenge for publishers – until today.


Visit http://www.rhapsodymedia.co.uk/digital-media to see ePublish in action or contact Christian Price, Commercial Director at christian.price@rhapsodymedia.co.uk  to book a demonstration.

Rhapsody ePublish from Rhapsody Limited on Vimeo.