The WorkCast Online Event and Presentation Platform: Designed to Make Your Online Events Great

WorkCast is proud to provide a best-in-breed online events platform that enables partners to maximise revenues and create large margins. The WorkCast Platform allows partners to resell webinars, webcasts, channels, and virtual events in a flexible manner, with dedicated support from experienced WorkCast Channel Managers.

Built for World Class Online Event Creation

The WorkCast Platform makes your Online Event creation process fuss free. Our award winning software is at the top of its game and is constantly evolving to provide world class event creation capabilities. The Platform comes to you ready to go; there’s no hidden extras or apps to download, just plug in and begin building engaging online events.

Make Your Events Better

The WorkCast Platform has many interactive features and includes our unique support of PowerPoint slides. This means the Platform replicates your slides as you intended them, including embedded video, animations and transitions, with no compromise in quality. Additionally, our scalable self-service and monitored packages mean you can be sure there’s a WorkCast package that will suit your budget and requirements.

We work with a number of innovative and industry leading organisations such as UBM, Incisive Media, Trinity Mirror, Pearson, Unilever. Wiley, Sony and many more. Contact us today to discuss your next online event.