Crowdsource and monetize expert knowledge within any given niche. Courses, questions and answers, and video panel discussions are central to our platform and are just examples of how we do it. From trainers, authors, instructors, consultants, analysts, teachers, scientists, and internal experts, Zapnito is the only platform dedicated to building knowledge networks of experts without the noise of social media.

Zapnito started as an idea based on the observation that there are an abundance of experts in the publishing world hidden away behind corporate and organisational barriers. These experts have huge volumes of knowledge that is not as easily accessible or discoverable as it should be.


Trying to make knowledge more accessible is clearly not a new idea. From the earliest civilisations experts have gathered together to solve problems and share knowledge. However, with the explosive growth of social media creating huge amounts of noise online the original purpose of the Internet, to create collective intelligence with experts networking together, has been drowned out. This has led to the fragmenting of brands and a loss of customer engagement.


Our vision is to move back to collective intelligence through expert knowledge.


To achieve this Zapnito have developed a platform that allows publishers to bring their experts together quickly and effectively to solve problems and share knowledge, making them both easily accessible and discoverable. There is no other platform that delivers these fully branded expert networks for publishers who have these experts at the very heart of their business models, enabling them to reclaim their customers and boost engagement.


We call our capability: Experts as a Service (EaaS)


Our mission is to be the platform of choice for any organisation that has experts at its core.


We help our customers reclaim their expert communities and reduce the noise of the web by enabling their audiences to learn from their experts in a more powerful and efficient way. We provide a fully scalable cloud-based platform with video at its core providing an innovative way to refocus on collective intelligence and brand awareness.


Zapnito’s platform is a valuable investment for customers. It saves them both time and money in developing the technology and allows them to generate new revenue streams through masterclasses, online courses, webinars, subscriptions and sponsorship with the emphasis on their brand at all times.


We are currently working with Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan Science and Education, Future Science Group and Psychologies Magazine, amongst others, to drive new revenue streams and boost their future profitability, putting them at the forefront of the converging worlds of publishing and consulting.


Zapnito, your gateway to expert knowledge.