Goldkey Media Reroute Copies

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

20 Apr 2020

Audience engagement agency Gold Key Media, part of the Frontline Group, continues to remain fully operational throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

With many publishers being unable to place copies on airlines and hotels the GKM team have adapted their distribution program to provide a fully ABC compliant residential letterbox solution instead. Utilizing Mosaic demographic profiling software, they’ve been able to identify relevant postcodes to match targeted audiences. Publishers are now using this new route to market to solicit new subscription sales.

Separately, they’re now working with and supplying directly the NHS hospitals on the front line in providing their Wellbeing Units, (set up to allow NHS workers some time to relax) with a wide selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines each day, all kindly donated by their publishing clients.

Many hotels and private clubs have also re opened their doors to accommodate essential workers from both the NHS and Military, such as Claridges, Holiday Inn’s, Cavalry & Guards Club and The Berkeley Hotel has created a 999 drive in for police and ambulance crews to get free food and a newspaper too. Gold Key Media have diverted supplies to ensure publishers are still capturing readers in all of these locations to support their generosity.

In addition, Gold Key Media have also adapted their digital entertainment platform, designing a bespoke NHS platform and enabling it to be accessed to NHS workers through their dedicated NHS e-mail address.

Chris Horn, Gold Key Media’s Managing Director, said: “Our team are incredibly proud to be serving the NHS in their hour of need and doing what we can to support them. Our publisher clients have also been amazing in their support and flexibility throughout the crisis and we will honour and reward that support by ensuring we continue to operate 24/7 to ensure the news continues to be delivered where it’s needed”


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