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Guest Blog: Future Tech and Content Management

By Will Lebens, Edit

19 May 2020

Is your platform ready for the next generation of connected devices? Your audience will not wait.

Where do we go from here? We’ve bounced in relatively short order from desktop browser to mobile device, long form to social media, voice activation to Alexa. Each leap asks questions the traditional CMS struggles to answer.

Edit is different. We won’t lazily claim to future proof for every scenario, but our technology is headless and commits unbendingly to API-first principles or what we like to call ‘content as a service’ – that we store your content in a format ready to suit almost any application you may wish to connect it to.

This means text is raw and images, for example, will adapt automatically to the smallest of devices (or connections), and will recrop dynamically without ever losing sight of the focal point. We also manipulate video and audio to similar effect.

Page designs can be optimised for new devices without fear the content cannot keep up – any adjustment made by engineers is done safe in the knowledge editors won’t have to trawl through archives checking content for style.

Our interfaces and content structures are flexible too. Even if, for example, the article format you’ve chosen to best suit the 78% of users that browse your content on mobile doesn’t translate well to a smart watch, you can adjust Edit to support a new cut of the editorial designed to suit.

The Edit Solutions team frequently run R&D/New Product Development programmes testing new approaches to content management (indeed this is how the Edge Network was born). If you’d like to partner on a new initiative, get in touch.