NABS: How to support your wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak


18 Mar 2020

NABS, the support organisation for the advertising and media industry, is here to help you during these challenging times. We’ve put together the following top tips to help you with your wellbeing.

*Follow the official advice. *The government guidelines and your organisation’s advice should be your main source of information. Doing what you can to keep safe can help to give you a little peace of mind.

Limit your news intake. Taking in too much information could stress or scare you. Choose when you’ll read the news (twice a day perhaps) and stick to trusted sources.

Communicate! This is so important while we’re all working from home and in isolation. Figure out with your colleagues how you can best collaborate and support each other. It’ll be a case of trial and error, so don’t worry if you need to refine as you go along. At NABS, we always ask people the question: “What do you most need?” Try this with your teammates to find out how you can really help each other and how they can help you.

Try yoga, breathing and exercise each day. These can all help your mind and body. There are many online classes on YouTube that you can access for free as well as meditation apps and podcasts to download. Try Yoga with Adriene, The Body Coach, Just Breathe and Tara Brach.

Read more of NABS’ advice. We’ve given advice in the industry press on how to cope over the coming months. Do have a read for more tips in MediaTel, Little Black Book, Campaign and MarComm News.

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