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WIRED UK launches 'The World in 2022' issue

By Sorcha Mondon

2 Nov 2021

WIRED UK has brought the brightest industry minds together for its annual trends briefing, the WIRED World in 2022.

With contributions from key industry leaders including Anil Seth, professor of cognitive and computational neuroscience at the University of Sussex, and Mohamed Taha, co-founder and CEO of fertility start-up Mojo, the WIRED World in 2022 offers foresight into the trends and challenges facing our world in 2022.

Speaking on this year’s predictions, in his Editor’s letter, Greg Williams, Deputy Global Editorial Director, said: “It’s never an easy task and the testing nature of the challenge has been thrown into relief over the nearly two years since Covid-19 first emerged in Wuhan. The weight of opinion appears that while we don’t know the exact form of the next global emergency, there are strong indicators that it will originate in four ways: the climate crisis, antibiotic resistance, another disease jumping species, or a devastating cyber attack on critical infrastructure. But it’s also worth stepping back and celebrating the success of some of the innovators and disciplines that WIRED covers.”

The health and science sections of the issue explore the ethics of brain organoids and the role of AI in IVF.

The WIRED World in 2022 is available from Condé Nast stores worldwide from Thursday 4th November and can be purchased online through the Shopify link here or through the WIRED app.


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