The PPA works with publishers and suppliers to develop and raise standards in the production of print and digital content. Through our committees and publicly-available guidelines we provide a forum for production issues relevant to multi-platform magazine brands.

Our worked is led by the Media Technical Group, whose work is based on a 10-point strategy that aims to promote, develop and maintain best-practice guidelines that support a multi-platform production workflow for publishers.



Guidelines and Information


Download the PPA's invaluable Pass4Press guidelines that help advertising agencies produce digital files to industry standards.


Download the PPA's Pic4Press guidelines to help improve the predictability and consistency of digital images for both the commissioning party and photographers.


Copyright Infringement Portal


PPA has long been on the frontline in the fight against copyright infringement, be it in counterfeit magazines outside the supply chain, or digital editions and content scraping. 

With digital distribution an increasingly important driver for audience and revenues, digital piracy is a growing concern for many magazine publishers. With the demand for pirated content not diminishing it is important to utilize an effective and cost-efficient solution to identify and deal with it.

In efforts to combat high-levels of online fraud and piracy, PPA has teamed up with the Publishers Association’s to provide members with access to the Copyright Infringement Portal (CIP). The CIP was created for the publishing industry as an online system to enable publishers to easily identify online infringements, send compliant takedown notices to infringing sites and collate takedown data.

The CIP has transparent pricing based on the number of magazine titles to protect and there are no restrictions on the number of takedown notices served. 

PPA members are able to monitor up to 25 titles from only £495 per annum on the Manual Service.

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