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29 Jul 2020
PPA Blog

The Magazine Diaries 2020

Six years ago, publishing consultant and co-host of Media Voices Podcast, Peter Houston, reached out to friends and colleagues in the magazine industry and asked what it felt like to be working in magazine publishing during the 'biggest disruption in publishing history.' However, the Coronavirus crisis is now the biggest disruption in publishing history and so Houston has resurrected The Magazine Diaries to chronicle how magazine people are coping and to support The Big Issue.

22 Jul 2020
Industry Voices

Fiona Godlee | Editor-in-Chief | The BMJ

It has been a unique few months for all publishers, but no more so than for The British Medical Journal (The BMJ) which has been at the forefront of the COVID coverage for the clinical and medical industry. Editor-in-Chief, Fiona Godlee reflects on its evolution since she inherited it in 2005 and the many moving parts which continuously come together to produce this highly respected, readable academic journal both online and in print.