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26 Jan 2022
Industry Voices

Magda Woods | Data Leader & Tech Entrepreneur | PPA Decodes Presenter

This week we speak to the fantastic Magda Woods. Data has always been at the centre of Magda's impressive career. It is this deep knowledge and understanding of the topic that makes her commentary so interesting and engaging. From robots in the newsroom to what publishers can do to start learning the language of data, this interview covers topics that we as an industry have perhaps shied away from out of fear. But, experts like Magda help debunk the myths, and let us start to get excited about a more efficient future.

15 Dec 2021
Industry Voices

The Highlights: The best advice from WhatsOnYourRadar in 2021

This year our staff writers had the pleasure of interviewing 36 industry heavy weights on their areas of expertise. It's of no surprise that these interviews are filled with industry insight and topical advice that is helpful to all publishers, no matter the size of the specificity of their audience. At the end of a tumultuous and unpredictable year we draw on the shared knowledge and coming together of our industry, to present you with 10 pieces of great advice from our previous interviewees.

7 Dec 2021
Industry Voices

Dorothy Andrews | Design Editor | DC Thomson

This week we speak to DC Thomson's longest serving employee, Dorothy Andrews. Dorothy celebrated 50 years with the publisher this year, after joining iconic teen magazine Jackie in 1971 as a junior designer. In her five decades at DC Thomson she worked her way up to Design Editor. Dorothy's wealth of design experience has seen her work on 8 different titles. Here, she talks to our staff writer about the past and future of magazines.

20 Oct 2021
Industry Voices

Sophia Alexandra Hall | PPA 30 Under 30 Student of the Year | Content Editor | Classic FM

This week we spoke to Sophia Alexandra Hall, the winner of the PPA 30 Under 30 Student of the Year Award. Though now she is making waves as a journalist, this wasn't always what she thought she'd be doing as a career. This interview covers everything from the flaws with having a '10-year plan,' the perils of shorthand, and Sophia's hopes for the future of our industry. It's an inspiring read that will leave you feeling positive about the future of journalism.