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16 Oct 2019
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Amanda Clifford | Editorial Director | Signature Publishing

While you might not be surprised to find a child glued to a television or mobile phone screen, you might not expect to find them with a magazine in their hand. Amanda Clifford, Editorial Director of Signature Publishing, which has launched over 17 children's magazines, speaks to us about just how popular this medium is for the young, the massive post bag they receive every day and how they track what's trendy and what's not.

9 Oct 2019
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Georgina Holt | Publishing Director | The Stylist Group

This week marks the official tenth birthday of Stylist magazine, and to celebrate, they have partnered with a number of influential women to edit 11 of their issues.

Ahead of their 'gusty women' issue next week, guest edited by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, we spoke to The Stylist Group publishing director, Georgina Holt, about the future of the Stylist brand and her personal journey through the publishing industry.

25 Sep 2019
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Jeremy Leslie | Creative Director | magCulture

If there is anyone that truly eats, sleeps and breathes magazines, it is Jeremy Leslie, founder of the magCulture Online Journal, the magCulture shop, author of several books about magazine design and founder of annual magazine conferences in London and New York.

We caught up with Jeremy following his roundtable session, Meet The Indies, at Magfest 2019 to find out a little bit more about how he became such a passionate advocate for editorial design and why magazines are now thriving in this era of niche.

4 Sep 2019
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Ranj Begley | Chief Content Officer & UK Managing Director | Readly

Six years ago, a platform was launched to bring together the thousands of magazines available as part of a digital subscription service called Readly. For this week's Under the Radar, we spoke to one of the key individuals behind this growing platform.

During our conversation, I found out that alongside her extensive knowledge of the publishing industry, Ranj Begley is also a specialist on pig and arable farming and has a penchant for 13th century Persian poetry.