Industry Voices

28 Apr 2021
Industry Voices

Dan Reeves | Co Founder | TRUE 212 & LOYAL AI

As editorial teams become more remote, we inevitably are looking to technology to solve the challenges that this brings. We spoke with Dan Reeves, Co Founder of the TRUE 212 platform which has recently launched LOYAL AI, an AI-driven journalism tool to help solve this problem and assist journalists in their workflow. Read the full interview to hear about how you effectively use LOYAL as both a journalist and publisher and the power of technology and digital transformation to deliver publishers the ability to do what they do best: create fantastic content and editorial.

7 Apr 2021
Industry Voices

Monique van Dusseldorp | Author & Event Creator

Monique charts us through the lifecycle of her events portfolio over the last year, how hybrid events have evolved and what we should expect from the new hybrid format. Through a number of case studies Monique highlights a key realisation event organisers have had: "that there is a far bigger audience out there than they had imagined." As a result, "a whole new space has opened up for online meetings and events" and the potential to reach new communities, build on these relationships and keep the energy going all year round, not just at a physical event once a year.

24 Mar 2021
Industry Voices

Jackie Scully | Executive Director | Think Publishing

"When nobody minds that you are getting it wrong, you end up innovating and doing a shed load right." This is how Jackie Scully, Executive Director of Think Publishing and B2B lead in their recent Re:member report, summarised the positive outcomes of the pandemic. "In the last year... we didn't have the time to waste and we moved into a world where agility and lack of perfectionism was celebrated." Jackie spoke to us following the release of the Re:member report about the main findings, what surprised her most and the importance of focusing on the members of the future.

17 Mar 2021
Industry Voices

Edie Jefferys | Video Lead | Cosmopolitan, Hearst UK

Working as the Video Lead for Cosmopolitan, Edie Jefferys believes that the sky is the limit having managed to get through this tumultuous year which forced production teams to carry out their work entirely at home. From launching video series for ELLE and producing content watched by millions across all platforms, no wonder Edie was named one of our 30 Under 30 winners. "Be adaptable and learn as much as you can," she says when asked to give advice on getting into the industry. "Video production requires an incredibly wide skill set, so make sure you try a bit of everything. Practice practice practice."

17 Feb 2021
Industry Voices

Sabrina Sahota | Digital Journalist | MadeForMums, Immediate Media

What better way to maintain credibility and trust in your product as a journalist than putting the power directly in the hands of the consumer to rate and review. Sabrina Sahota, winner of one of our PPA 30 Under 30 awards, did exactly this at MadeForMums, introducing home tester panels and group testing. "Consumer testing provides important evidence that almost cuts through the marketing," she says. "Once you've put the products to the test on a day-to-day basis then you start to understand the real quirks and niggles, which is what consumers really want to know about."