Industry Voices

20 Jan 2021
Industry Voices

David Mac Dougall | Head of Politics | DC Thomson Media

DC Thomson Media has set about transforming its newsroom and a key addition to the team has been David Mac Dougall, appointed Head of Politics at the end of last year. The Apollo programme focuses on transforming the business to expand its publishing platforms, serving audiences in specialist areas such as politics, through digital products and content as well as print. David charts his career from Guatemala to Baghdad to Finland to DC Thomson, how he ensures balance between local and national reporting and the role magazines play in delivering high-quality political journalism.

13 Jan 2021
Industry Voices

Uwern Jong | Editor-in-Chief | OutThere Magazine, OutThere Publishing

In the first Radar interview of 2021, we spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of OutThere Magazine, winner of PPA Diversity Initiative of the Year at the PPA Independent Publisher Awards. Uwern Jong is passionate about storytelling and travel and since starting OutThere, has carved out a space in travel publishing for a diverse a range of readers. Jong explains what he hopes to see in publishing around diversity in 2021, how magazine publishers can support the industries they report on and his plans for the coming year.

16 Dec 2020
Industry Voices

John Bird | Co-Founder | The Big Issue

For the final Radar interview of 2020, we spoke with the Co-Founder of a magazine that responded with full force to an almighty challenge faced over this last year. As lockdown hit and the streets were emptied, The Big Issue had to rapidly adapt its business model, which had previously relied on street vendors to sell the weekly publication. John Bird tells us all about his upbringing, how this led to the birth of The Big Issue & how COVID has affected magazine publishing.

9 Dec 2020
Industry Voices

Toby Wiseman | Editor-in-Chief | Men's Health, Hearst

Having been Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health for nine years, Toby Wiseman has seen the brand evolve in its mission, content strategy and the role it plays in male wellbeing. Following a turbulent year where exercise and mental health have been at the front of our minds, Toby explains how subscriptions have reacted, plans for 2021, the opportunities presented by membership models and creativity during the pandemic.

11 Nov 2020
Industry Voices

Chris March | Founder & Publisher | Remember Media

In the coming weeks we will be hosting our virtual PPA Independent Publisher Conference & Awards, a chance for this community to come together to share ideas and provide insights for getting through this tricky time. Chris March, Founder of Remember Media, an independent publisher based in North England shares some of the steps they have been taking to support their local communities and the importance of regional publishers in bringing people together.

28 Oct 2020
Industry Voices

Ed Needham | Editor | Strong Words

Nine times a year, Ed Needham single-handedly produces Strong Words, a magazine about new books, packed with reviews and interviews with their authors across all types of genres. Since embarking on his Strong Words journey in 2017, Ed reads the equivalent of War and Peace every week and writes the equivalent of The Great Gatsby every issue. "It is one of those enduring miracles of magazine production that no matter what, they always reach the printer on time, and Strong Words is no different."