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7 Oct 2020
Industry Voices

Jean Jollands | Features Writer | Take a Break, Bauer Media

Since starting her career in journalism, Jean Jollands has worked across a number of titles from the the black British national newspaper, The Voice to the Daily Express and now Take a Break, the best-selling women's weekly from Bauer Media. "I do think it is one of the most exciting times to be a black journalist," says Jean, "if the industry is serious about change." As Black History Month begins, we go on to speak about how the publishing industry makes this change by reflecting the voices of its audiences, the plans Bauer has to celebrate BHM and the importance of having these conversations all year round not just in October.

30 Sep 2020
Industry Voices

Mark Allen | Founder & Chairman | Mark Allen Group

In the build-up to the PPA Independent Publisher Conference, we spoke with last year's keynote speaker, Mark Allen, Founder & Chairman of the Mark Allen Group and soon-to-be published author. Having successfully steered his company through the last six months, Mark gives his advice to publishers to get through these difficult times as well as explaining more about his productive lockdown during which he wrote a novel.

23 Sep 2020
Industry Voices

Lauren Smith | Head of Social Strategy | Hearst

Following the recent partnership between TikTok & the Hearst brands, Women's Health & Men's Health, we spoke with the Head of Social Strategy about the process behind this collaboration. Having started in the industry before Instagram or TikTok even existed, Lauren Smith has been at the forefront of social media management from the very beginning. Smith explains how she successfully manages the social media strategy of 13 Hearst brands, how Instagram reels will change the way we interact with the platform and future social media trends she's interested in.

9 Sep 2020
Industry Voices

Alice Wilkinson | Deputy Editor | Waitrose & Partners HEALTH Magazine, John Brown Media

As one of the winners of our PPA 30 Under 30 2020 awards, Alice Wikinson, Deputy Editor of Waitrose & Partners HEALTH magazine explains how she got to where she is now so early on in her career and the ways in which she has navigated the changing media landscape. Our judges said that Alice is clearly a hard-working, 360-degree thinking, conscientious editor who is always thinking about ways to drive the brand forward.

2 Sep 2020
Industry Voices

Peter Clifton | Editor-in-Chief | PA Media Group

As the national news agency for the UK & Ireland, PA Media Group provides a whole range of content for a whole range of customers. The likes of Sky and the BBC to regional newspapers and digital-only publications all benefit from the news, sports, features, real-life, entertainment and many other types of content created by PA. Editor-in-Chief, Peter Clifton explains how they have worked in partnership with their customers during COVID to help them "weather the storm" and the concept behind their new award-winning platform, PA Explore.

29 Jul 2020
Industry Voices

Gideon Spanier | Editor-in-Chief | Campaign, Haymarket Media

For our final Radar interview before the August break, we spoke with Gideon Spanier, Editor-in-Chief of Campaign magazine and 1 of the 3 judges on the PPA Diversity Award judging panel. Spanier spoke to us about what he was looking for from a winning Diversity Initiative, what others in the industry can learn from the winning entry, Vogue, and what steps he is taking at Campaign to keep momentum around diversity in the industry.

22 Jul 2020
Industry Voices

Fiona Godlee | Editor-in-Chief | The BMJ

It has been a unique few months for all publishers, but no more so than for The British Medical Journal (The BMJ) which has been at the forefront of the COVID coverage for the clinical and medical industry. Editor-in-Chief, Fiona Godlee reflects on its evolution since she inherited it in 2005 and the many moving parts which continuously come together to produce this highly respected, readable academic journal both online and in print.

15 Jul 2020
Industry Voices

Gary Charlton | Head of Procurement | Haymarket Media

At this year's PPA Awards, Haymarket Sustain was awarded our inaugural Sustainability Initiative Award. The judges unanimously agreed that Haymarket Sustain was an excellent example to all when it comes to implementing sustainability initiatives and it was clear they had a sincere desire to improve their environmental impact. We spoke with Head of Procurement at Haymarket, Gary Charlton, about what it meant to win, how the Haymarket at initiative has evolved and what he sees for its future.

8 Jul 2020
Industry Voices

Rob Attar | Editor | BBC History Magazine & History Extra Podcast, Immediate Media

Last week at The PPA Awards, the History Extra podcast from BBC History Magazine received the inaugural Podcast of the Year award. With up to 3 million listens a month and a roster of episodes dating all the way back to 2007, the podcast remains one of the most popular general interest history podcasts out there. Editor of the magazine and podcast, Rob Attar, explains exactly what value the podcast brings to the BBC History Magazine brand and how they keep it relevant and fresh.